Ecocinema: Screening Sustainability @ GT

English Composition II (ENGL 1102)
School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Institute of Technology
Fall 2015

This section of ENGL 1102 develops communication strategies through a consideration of “ecocinema,” a label that describes not only films that directly address environmental issues (An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc.) but also a contemporary film-viewing sensibility that is attuned to the kinds of arguments that all films make—implicitly or explicitly, in realistic or fantastical, imagined worlds—about the environment and the earth’s future. Taking up both of these strands, this course invites students to explore ecocinema through the practice of film analysis and criticism. We will survey a range of films from different time periods, genres (science fiction, drama) and modes of filmmaking (documentary, animation, and narrative feature films), and consider them in the context of emergent scholarship on ecocinema and larger discussions about environmental issues.

The course will also create ecocinematic culture by organizing a one-night, campus-wide film screening. Working in groups, you will select films that will appeal to audiences of your peers at Georgia Tech and ignite discussion of issues surrounding sustainability. Producing a film screening from start to finish will foster a range of communication strategies: you will practice professional communication by writing to production companies to secure exhibition permissions and to campus offices to secure screening spaces; you will hone design skills as you create promotional materials, including posters, flyers, and a website; and tyouhey will strengthen public speaking skills as you introduce films and moderate post-screening discussions. The course will contribute directly to Georgia Tech’s Quality Enhancement Plan on sustainability, and will seek out connections with related initiatives on campus.

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